Friday 15 June 2012

Supercomputers are for dreams

I was invited to the 2012 NCSA Annual Private Sector Program (PSP) meeting in May. In my few years of attending, this has always been a great meeting (attendance by invitation only), with an unusually high concentration of real HPC users and managers from industry.

NCSA have recently released streaming video recordings of the main sessions - the videos can be found  as links on the Annual PSP Meeting agenda page.

Bill Gropp chaired a panel session on "Modern Software Implementation" with myself and Gerry Labedz as panellists.

The full video (~1 hour) is here but I have also prepared a breakdown of the panel discussion in this blog post below.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Some fun for ISC12

I have written a guest blog post for the ISC'12 website - "Are you an ISC veteran?". The article is intended to raise a few serious observations amongst the fun.

I also wrote an earlier guest blog post for the ISC'12 website - "Is co-design for exascale computing a false hope?"

I've added these two links to my page on this site "Interviews, Quotes, Articles" (which lists my various articles, interviews, etc. in other locations around the internet).