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HPC Notes is a collection of observations, comments, opinions and thoughts on the world of high performance computing, supercomputing, cloud, exascale, manycore, big data, etc.

HPC News and Articles

HPC Notes is not intended to be a news site for the HPC community - this role is much better served by publications such as: The Next Platform (great for in-depth analysis & discussion of HPC and other large scale computing news); HPC Wire (best coverage of all HPC news releases); InsideHPC (good for videos, interviews, etc - and the "HPC People on the Move" specials); and Primeur Magazine (good for EU focused content)

Several publications/news sites beyond the immediate HPC community also publish HPC related content - including Scientific Computing, Scientific Computing World, and The Register, among others.

HPC Blogs

As well as the HPC Notes blog (!), there are several other excellent blogs covering similar topics - HPC, supercomputing, multicore, scalable computing, computational science and engineering - including these:

[this list is now out of date]

and there are others ... no endorsement or anti-endorsement implied etc.

HPC on Twitter

To keep up to date with the fast moving world of HPC and supercomputing, you can follow HPC Notes on Twitter (@hpcnotes), or track the #HPC hashtag that is used for some HPC content on twitter. See also my blog post "Essential Guide to HPC on Twitter".