Friday 13 November 2020

Name that supercomputer 2 (Quiz)

It's a long time since I did an HPC quiz, so here is one to keep some fun in these odd times. Can you name these supercomputers?

I'm looking for actual machine names (e.g. 'Fugaku') and the host site (e.g. RIKEN CCS). Bonus points for the machine details (e.g. Fujitsu A64FX).

Submit your guesses or knowledgeable answers either through the comments field below, or to me on twitter (@hpcnotes).

Answers will be revealed once there have been enough guesses to amuse me. Have fun!

  1. Maybe it's Italian style, but this oily system has a purely descriptive name, a bit like the name of a robot with a short circuit.

  2. In spite of the name, this one is a step away from the very top.

  3. The seven daughters of Atlas.

  4. Arising from a beautiful reef, this top supercomputer is named after one of my co-presenters at my SC19 tutorial (or so we think).

  5. This border system's owner often tells how it was renamed in planning due to a bigger newer super that took it's original name.

  6. It has no name, at least not publicly, and the operator has not been open with full details, but with 10,000 GPUs it can do a lot of AI.

  7. On the road to exascale, but not there yet, this system will be housed next year in a chilly northern European location, and shares some similar architecture to two of the first exascale systems.

  8. A chicken with green-ish / brown-ish eyes. Or is it a type of nut?

  9. In a rare move, this number 9 is named after a living scientist, actually one of its users.

  10. Sing a song for this one, because it is named to be hit hard.


Monday 9 November 2020

Snackable videos

 Snackable videos

A few rash moments on my part on twitter and now I'm committed to recording a series of mini-videos about HPC and related topics.

Watch the first episode on the hpcnotes YouTube channel to find out more!