Thursday 20 October 2011

My SC11 diary 1

The SC11 conference, or just "supercomputing", will be held in Seattle this November. For many in the high performance computing community, SC is the big event of the year. Certainly it is the one that attracts the most press (and press releases), the most attendees, the biggest exhibition, and absorbs the most amount of time in planning before we even get there. It is the event where we get to meet with many of our customers, most of our potential suppliers, and many friends and collaborators.

On my twitter stream (@hpcnotes), I described it as: "the world of #HPC in one week & one place but hard to find time for all of technical program + exhibition + customer/partner/supplier meetings + social meetings + sleep!" To follow the news about SC11 on twitter, follow @supercomputing and/or the #SC11 hashtag.

Any hope of "live" blogging or actively tweeting during the week of SC11 itself is almost nil - the week is just too busy with the day job. Even simply consuming the relevant news, comment and gossip is a challenge.

I will be contributing to some of that news and media creation for SC11 week itself. Much of it will be "just me" - just a little member of the HPC community. Some other bits will be more commercial, driven by the day job: discussing the successes and opportunities of NAG's HPC applications development expertise and support services.

But probably no live content. So instead I am going to try to write a diary of the lead up to SC11. The planning. The re-planning. The invasion of the inbox by SC11 related stuff. I hope that will be of interest to some - maybe through familiarity with your own SC11 planning. But, at the very least, it will create a record to warn me for SC12 next year!

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