Thursday 9 February 2012

HPC Insiders - The Newport Gathering

The warm up for the annual HPCC meeting in Newport RI (March 26-28) has started - Are You an HPC Industry Insider?.

"The National High Performance Computing and Communications Conference (NHPCC) will highlight several exciting changes this year. Also known as the Newport Conference, the elite gathering that started 26 years ago as a one-day event to bring vendors together with government agency personnel has expanded its focus this year to include a more global perspective."

"Another significant change this year is the emphasis on manufacturing and competitiveness."

I have a page on this blog site the main HPC events of the year. Many people have rightly remarked that the HPC community really is that - a community - and that there is still a relatively high degree of connection between the various practitioners. In other words, despite its growing size and global reach, it feels like a small community. People know each other. Consequently, networking, whether technical or commercial, goes a long way to helping your business. Whatever your scale of technical computing, from multicore workstations to multi-thousand-node supercomputers, getting involved with the active HPC community can help you with your parallel computing goals. Online resources can help, but by far the most effective way of benefiting from the wider HPC community is by participating at the right events.

I enjoy this Newport event - I think it is one of the best annual events for the HPC community - and am looking forward to great discussions and meeting the many friends in the international HPC community. See you there!

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Ian Colle said...

Would be great if they could add someone from China to address their future HPC plans (of course that would mean actually divulging their plans).

I look forward to hearing more about what Alexey Komkov says about T-Platforms and HPC in Russia.

When not presenting, will you be live tweeting? :-)