Friday 8 November 2019

Guide to announcements for SC19

(Originally published on my LinkedIn profile: post link)

It's that time of year - yes, the annual fest of press releases and social media deluges in the run up to 'SC'  - the primary annual supercomputing conference, held this year in Denver.

Here is a handy guide for vendor PR teams ...

[company] will be at #SC19!
Yes, along with almost everyone else in #HPC world

[company] will be highlighting products at SC19!
As above

[company] will launch new version of our current product in a slightly different shade of grey at SC19!
We had no actual news

However, the HPC centers are just as bad with "news" for the big annual #Supercomputing conference:

[center] our users did some science!
We very much hope so

[center] system is top in niche category defined such that our system is top at the time of SC19!
Well done

[center] will be at #SC19!
Some vendors might be there vendors, see above

[center] staff to give talks and participate in BoFs at SC19!
The official program PDF has 937 pages filled with talks ...

And, of course, I’m no better: my repetitive SC PR ...

"Andrew Jones & friends* to deliver tutorial on business of #HPC at #SC19!"
err, yup, just like SC18, SC17, SC16, SC15, SC13, so no news there!

* the friends this year are: Andrew Jones (aka @hpcnotes), Ingrid Barcena Roig, Branden Moore, Dairsie Latimer, Sierra Koehler.

See you all in Denver! :-)

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